Telebar Telephone Management
'Our aim is to save you money'

'Electronic reports sent our weekly'

Being at the cutting edge of telecommunications for over 13 years has enabled us to refine and develop one of South Africa's leading Telephone Management systems.

Our powerful Telebar Telephone Management system is small and can be installed together with any existing PABX, switchboard even a single Telkom telephone line, so there’s no need for a change in existing telephone setup.  Each Tele-Bar unit can handle up to 250 users and up to 5000 authorised telephone numbers.

Each staff member who needs telephone access is allocated a four-digit pin code, which must be entered before the telephone line can be accessed for an outgoing call.

Each member of staff will then have pre-selected barring parameters programmed into the Tele Bar unit, which will limit access according to their position, function, etc. These parameters can easily and immediately be reprogrammed by contacting our call centre.

Telephone access can be tailored in respect of numbers which can be dialed, numbers that need to be blocked and the time which may be spent on a call.  For example, general staff might be restricted to making local calls for 10 minutes and selected outside/cell numbers for 5 minutes whilst managers would be allowed full access for national calls.  All other outgoing calls are logged against the name of the person who initiated the call.

The system and our skilled telephone analysts will then also provide management with up to date weekly emailed call summaries that set out the cost breakdown for both the individual stores and the individual users.

In the event of any unauthorised telephone use, a full report is sent to the customer. This report will include the date, time, duration, telephone number and cost of each call. The unauthorised numbers will also, if requested, be automatically blocked in the event of an absent description.

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